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Animal Welfare

Our Commitment

Xexbio is dedicated to the humane care and use of research animals. The IACUC and dedicated veterinary staff manage policies and procedures to ensure that all animal use is performed in accordance with the highest standards.

Xexbio is committed to the welfare of all our animals bred for and used in research. We meet or exceed all national and international rules, regulations, standards, and guidelines.

Our policies and procedures are designed to achieve key goals such as:

  • Review of all animal use by an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Justification for use of live animals and use of the appropriate species and models
  • Minimizing animal numbers and using alternatives where appropriate
  • Providing performance-based training to all personnel using animals
  • Providing high-quality husbandry that is supported by data on animal welfare outcomes
  • Preventing pain or distress through thoughtful design of procedures and models
  • Monitoring for, and recognizing pain or distress, and providing appropriate veterinary care
  • All employees are trained to report any suspected deficiencies in animal care and welfare.
  • Using aseptic technique, proper anesthetics and analgesics when performing surgery
  • Using humane methods of euthanasia
  • Routine inspection of animals and facilities by veterinarians, quality assurance personnel, scientific staff, and IACUC members.