Profile of the Institute

Beijing Institute of Xieerxin Biology Resource, the largest nonhuman primate center in north part of China, was founded in 2002, located in the Fangshan district of Beijing, specialized in breeding laboratory nonhuman primate, and beagle, conducting animal science research and providing related services.

Xexbio began as a regional provider of NHPs,establishing a reputation for quality. After years of steady growth, the institute has become the largest supplier in north part of China.

To meet customers' different needs, we've been continuously improving existing facilities and equipments, expanding new facilities, strengthening management and improving the quality of animals. In addition, Xexbio has been continuously expanding the scope of its services and improving its service capacity and skills.

We are committed to building the company into an important service platform for life science research and an excellent supporting platform for development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. The company's services cover the supply of laboratory animals, animal experiment services and new drug safety evaluation and research.

The Institute has now 2500 rhesus, 1500 cynos and 200 beagles, and is able to supply 600 rhesus, 300 cynos and 200 beagles annually.