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Animal Caretaker

  • recruitment time: long-term recruitment
  • location: Beijing Fangshan district
  • work experience: open
  • academic level: junior high school and above
  • job description: primarily engaged in non-human primate breeding work.
  • job requirements: 1, gender: male; 2, age: not more than 40 years; 3, attitude, character, with good obedience, responsible.

Head of veterinary

  • work range: fulfil clinical observation, samples collection, consumption appetite detection, duties; experiment animal of crawl, fixed and the nursing; nuclear-test-ban method, and to SD and technicians provides technology support; participation internal or external of audit; promotion sector internal and sector Zhijian of Exchange, upgrade team cooperation capacity; follow GLP regulations and SOP collection experiment data, ensure precise, full, ordered; to new employees provides training and guide
  • administrative responsibilities: SOP auditing, management, equipment maintenance, and provide guidance to the relevant employee's daily work, ensure that the quality and quantity of work completed, and in conformity with the relevant regulations and SOP, and bio-security requirements. For staff recruitment, promotion, promotion, providing guidance.
  • other: AAALA certification experience is preferred

Veterinary technician

  • requirements: Assist all laboratory animal veterinary or technician to complete health records; completed regular veterinary technology; complete conventional treatment technologies (including topical, oral and parenteral), bandage/dressing techniques, clip/nail/hoof/teeth trimming, venipuncture, vaginal swabs, Baoding in animal technology, General observations of animals, animal therapy records, tracking and progress tracking. According to research requirements, assist supervisor medical records of every animal he animal health training for laboratory personnel. Assist in surgery and surgical care, such as: providing and monitoring of anesthesia, Prep packages, support therapy. performs all other related duties assigned.

Maintenance man

  • job responsibilities: responsible for living, Office, facilities maintenance and care work.
  • requirements: 1. male, mechanical and electrical specialties or automatic control, college education, healthy, serious, strong sense of responsibility. 2. in logistics maintenance, electricity, water, maintenance of office equipment and other aspects of life of practical work experience. 3. have an electrician's license is preferred, electric welding, General Electric preferred simple maintenance.